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Car Keys

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Your car is important to you – we get that. But its easy to take for granted one of its most important albeit smallest features – your car keys. They provide access and function – without them, your car is a immobile hunk of metal. Just ask someone who doesn’t have working car keys how essential they are. And hope you don’t find yourself in a position to find out. 

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Car keys can be more complicated than most people realize. Beyond losing your keys or locking them in your vehicle, there are several other problems that can render you stuck. Particularly as car key technology becomes more complex and advanced, so too can the issues we encounter. Below are a few of the most common concerns:

Car Keys

However, if you do, don’t despair. Simply the Best Locksmith is here for you in your time of need. Whether you find your key has broken in the ignition or you simply can’t find your key, our locksmith professionals are here to ensure that you get back into your working car as quickly and easily as possible. We are available 24/7 to provide emergency car key assistance, offering onsite key cutting services – we work where you are, so you can get to where you need to go. So contact us at Simply the Best Locksmith for all of your automotive locksmith needs – what’s important to you is important to us.

  • Lost Car Keys

    This common car key catastrophe goes without explanation. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. If you’re lucky, you lose them in the comfort of your own home or at work. However, you could find yourself stranded on a city block with keys down the sewer grate, or in the parking lot by your favorite hiking trail with your keys somewhere out in the great unknown. Depending on where and when you lose you keys, time can be of the essence to ensuring your safety and getting you back on track.

    Simply the Best Locksmith is simply there - quickly and efficiently - to get you a replacement key made in no time. No matter where you are or what time you find yourself in need, call us at (484) 237-1233 and count on us to come to you, cut and program your new key, and get you on your way in the Lehigh Valley.

  • Broken Car Key

    We may take for granted the sturdiness of our little metal keys, but they experience wear and tear just like the rest of your car. Keys can break in the lock, in the ignition or anywhere else they find themselves up against too much force. Particularly, older keys can develop weak areas from the repetitive application of pressure when turning them in the ignition and eventually snap.

    If you ever find yourself – and your key – with this tough break, please call the experts at Simply the Best Locksmith before you do anything else! We have the tools and knowledge to extract your key from the ignition without damaging the intricate inner workings of your car. Once we have removed your old key, we will rapidly make you a new key on the spot, so that you can carry on your way.

  • Stuck in Ignition

    Another common key catastrophe is getting your key stuck in the ignition. If this happens, don’t fret and certainly don’t continue to yank until you find yourself holding half of a key. Call Simply the Best Locksmith to get the key out safely and get you out of your jam quickly. Not only can we remove your key, we can deduce whether it or your ignition is the culprit.  

    If the problem is your key, that’s an easy fix. But if the problem is your ignition, we can fix that too! That’s right, our locksmith professionals can provide you with rapid and high-quality ignition repair services, making us simply the best choice for your first call when your keys are stuck in your ignition.

  • Car Key is Worn Out

    As discussed above, even our sturdy car keys can take a beating from our everyday use. If you’re lucky enough to catch it before it snaps in your ignition or breaks in your door, don’t wait until it does! If you notice your key becoming defective or less efficient, call us quickly to get your new and functional key.

    Our locksmith professionals can get you a brand new key in no time, so you can use your key with assurance, and without fear that it will leave you stranded. Don’t delay – you’ll be glad to have a functional new key in hand!

  • Damaged Key Technology

    If you have anything other than the good old-fashioned all-metal car key, which is mostly a relic the past, then it is likely that your little key houses a world of technology that you may not know about. Your key likely has chips, is programmed, or has other technologies. Some of these key types include:

    • Remote head key
    • Smart key/proximity key
    • Transponder key  
    • VATs key

    These complex keys contain many different complicated parts, all of which can be damaged or malfunction – and often at the most inopportune times. If you have one of these keys and notice that it’s not working well,   call us at Simply the Best Locksmith right away. Our technology and tools are up to the task to fix your key’s technology quickly and precisely. We can replace VATs keys, reprogram keys and more! Contact us now for any big issues with your small keys

Features Keys
  • Basic Metal Key with no Transponder

    As advertised – this is a key that is just metal from tip to head. However, if your key has a black plastic head, it may be a basic key or it may contain a transponder. Unfortunately, its difficult to know if the plastic head contains a transponder chip. A good rule of thumb is that if your car was made after 1998, it likely uses transponder keys, unless it is a Kia, Hyundai or Scion. It is very easy to make a copy of your basic metal car key with no transponder. If you do not have the key, don’t despair. We can make a copy using specialized techniques and tools to discover the precise cut code and deliver you a new key just like the old.

  • VATs key 

    VATs is an acronym for Vehicle Anti-Theft System, one of the first such features developed by GM. These keys can contain 15 different VATs chips that each contain a different voltage. If the key turns but the car doesn’t detect the correct voltage, the car will not start. If you drive an older GM and possess a key with a black bubble close to the head, then you have a VATs key. If you lose this key, don’t fret. We have the equipment to determine the exact VATs key that you need, and we stock all the possible VATS keys. Let us worry about the complexity of these keys, so that you can worry about getting back to your day.

  • Transponder Key

    If you drive an Acura from 1998 on, then you are benefiting from the transponder chip used as a second layer of anti-theft security. Your key doesn’t need to contain buttons to be a transponder; the chip is often embedded in the plastic head of your key. It works by broadcasting a long sequence of numbers that is read by a sensor near the ignition lock. This sequence of numbers is specific to your key, like a fingerprint, and it must be programmed into your car’s computer when it is created. You will not be able to start your car if the chip has been damaged or is not programmed correctly, although you may be able to hear it crank or seem to turn on for a moment.

    If you note the security light on your dashboard flashing, this signifies that the car doesn’t recognize your key and will not start. Don’t despair, we are Simply the Best for a reason – we have special tools and training to program these complex keys to your car’s computer so that they will turn in the ignition and start your car. Call us at (484) 237-1233 right away if you find yourself with a transponder key that’s not doing its job for you. 

  • Remote Head Keys

    Remote head keys are as advertised – they contain remote controls inside the head of the key, but also contain a standard metal blade that can be inserted into the ignition to start the car. The head of the key is the remote for the car, with this technology largely replacing the older style of separate remote controls. We have specialized equipment to program these complicated remote head keys to your car’s computer so that they will turn in the ignition and start your car, and to be sure that the buttons perform their designed functions. If you need a new remote head key, please call us at (484) 237-1233 – we will be there in a hurry to help.  

  • Smart Key/Proximity Key

    These keys don’t see the light of day much, as they can remain inside your pocket to perform all of their functions. You can unlock your doors by touching the handle of the car and you can start your car with the touch of a button, as long as your key is in close proximity. This new key technology is very convenient, there’s no doubt. But it also has the potential to be fraught with inconvenient malfunctions and can have a hefty price tag to replace if lost.